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Get involved with BrightonSEO – Felice Ayling – Podcast Episode #260.5

In this week’s Internet Marketing Podcast Andy talks to Felice Ayling, Digital Media Director at SiteVisibility, about how to get involved in BrightonSEO on Friday 12th September 2014. At the conference we will be recording a special edition of our podcast with some of the speakers who will be answering your digital marketing questions. Anything from advanced analytics to effective link earning tactics, submit your questions to us by email or Twitter using the #brightonseo tag.

Twitter Updates – Matt Daley – Podcast Episode #251

This week Andy talks to Matt Daley, Paid Performance Account Manager at SiteVisibility, about the recent changes to the Twitter account structure and how they will help businesses promote themselves more effectively. He goes through some of the recent updates, such as the ability to highlight popular tweets with larger text, and how visitors that come to a page can now be retargeted by businesses. Matt finishes by talking about the power of Twitter and how engaging with brands via the medium can have tangible results.

SEO Myths: Domain Name Keywords, Mobile Search, Bad Reviews, Twitter and Facebook

Contrary to popular belief, SEO does not stand for “Shut Everything Off.”  Nor does it stand for “Spam Everything Overtly.”
For every bit of SEO truth there are endless myths which serve to either a) confuse business owners to the point of believing SEO is just a bunch of crap, or b) tempt business owners into making mistakes that could jeopardize (or destroy) their business revenue.
This week, we’re addressing 4 of the myths that we encounter most often:
1.  We must have our keyword(s) in our domain name.

The Lede: Michael Stelzner on Capturing Emails and Committing to Quality

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Why Your Business Should Be On Social Media - Internet Marketing Podcast Number 201

Join us this week as we talk about Google Webmaster Tools Mastery, Why Your Business Should Be On Social Media, and What Should and Shouldn't be on Your Social Media Account for Your Business. We also talk about Search Engine Optimization Video in Houston Texas. The most popular Internet Marketing Podcast on iTunes. E-Webstyle provides Houston SEO .


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