The Path to a Legendary Copywriting Career

John Carlton is a force of nature.
He’s that rare breed who can write fascinating copy, and is just as fascinating to listen to. Every story ends up a great story.
Through the lens of his remarkable journey to and through the copywriting trade, John delivers practical business tips and killer copywriting advice in this first half of a two-part interview I did with him.

Why Not Sell Physical Stuff With Digital Media?

We know that online marketing works when selling digital products.
When’s the last time you thought about selling physical products online?
Of course, the business of physical widgets is booming, even though Internet types tend to shy away from it. Online marketing doesn’t necessarily mean an exclusively online business.
Ben Settle jumped on the line with me this week to talk about his old school physical information product business.

How to Newsjack Your Way to Free Media Exposure with David Meerman Scott

What if getting big PR and media exposure for your business or idea were no longer out of your reach or budget?
What if you could “inject” your name or brand into a national or international story of your choosing, becoming part of the story yourself?
David Meerman Scott, a veteran PR and marketing expert, has written a book that teaches you how to accomplish that, and more.
Enter Newsjacking, a powerful way to get seen and heard in today’s big media environment…


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