Thinking About DNS – Mark Lewis – Podcast Episode #254

In this week’s internet marketing podcast Andy talks to Mark Lewis, Senior Account Manager at Dyn about Domain Name Systems (DNS). Mark talks through the way in which DNS works, which is a complex system that’s much like a phone directory for websites. He discusses the benefits of outsourcing your DNS to a specialist provider, such as better security and faster speeds for users to reach a site. He then discusses the limitations that can come from having basic DNS, which can ultimately affect brand reputation, decrease revenue and lead to a bad customer experience.

Technical vs Content SEO (Part 2) – Felice Ayling – Podcast Episode #250

In the follow up to last week’s internet marketing podcast on technical SEO, Andy talks to Felice Ayling, Digital Content Director at SiteVisibility, about the effective use of content for SEO. Felice starts by talking about metadata – the stuff in the background of each page that tells Google what each page is about. She then goes on to give some advice about how best to optimise content on site, such as the effective use of headlines, tagging your images correctly and incorporating keywords successfully.

Technical vs Content SEO (Part 1) – Felice Ayling – Podcast Episode #249

In part one of this week’s internet marketing podcast Andy chats to Felice Ayling, Digital Content Account Director at SiteVisibility, about technical SEO. Felice discusses the fine balance needed between technical and content based SEO techniques, and notes that some clients are more interested in the technical side of things, overlooking the importance of content. She finishes by touching on some basic technical procedures for improving your search ranking.

Paid Social Media Advertising – Matt Daley – Podcast Episode #248

In this week’s internet marketing podcast Andy talks to Matt Daley, Paid Performance Account Manager at SiteVisibility, about the benefits of the recent update for paid advertising on Facebook. Matt agrees that the update is beneficial for users and end users alike, and explains details of the newly introduced “Ad Sets”. In the second half of the podcast Matt reveals SiteVisibility’s Top 5 Tips for new businesses venturing into the world of paid advertising on Facebook. He finishes by explaining the features of the Power Editor for paid and organic posting on Facebook.

Google Analytics and SEO Plugins: Do They Slow Your Site Down?

So, you need Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.  Yes, there are myriad programs to track your traffic and analytics for your website, but it’s important to utilize Google’s tools even if you’re using something else.
Google is by far the number one search engine, so you definitely want to know exactly how Google is indexing your site and what results they’re turning up across all data centers.


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