AdWords New Pay Per Call and How Do I Find My Topic?

Welcome to another episode of Geeks Round Table! Today Fabio is going to talk about the new Google AdWords Pay-per-call program. And we'll have Liz back on to discuss some tips and tricks to find your topic when writing your content. Also, since we had a time slot change to 4pm PST / 7pm EST - we reworked our intro and wanted to say THANKS Bensound! If you're looking for some great royalty free music visit Ben's site!

4 Weird Google Shopping Tactics That Can Make Money – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #284

If you’re a retailer spending money on PPC at the moment you’re going to love this episode, In the episode Andy interviews Rob from SupplyAnt.
This episode explores more about Google Shopping and Product Listing Adverts on Google Adwords.
Google Merchant Centre has moved from a free model to something you now have to pay for, through product listing adverts.

Search and Social Happenings

Today we welcome Lizzy Brown back to talk some content marketing shop. We'll also try to discuss IFTTT (If This Then That) and how to use it to your advantage. The demise of Gtalk, and Hangouts new replacement app is pretty schweet. Google's announcement that they're going to start indexing tweets! And more, probably ;)

Target Canada - & New Tech - fizzle out too soon?

Today Fabio and David discuss Target leaving Canada. What can we learn from this? And new tech... everyone wants to be the first kid on the block with new tech but as Google Glass announces the program halt, should we be buying Amazon Echo's? That and the launch of the new Matrix Marketing site! 

SEO & Security are finally getting along.

Today Dave and Ryan are talking about the  new harmonious relationship between SEO and Security. Google announces HTTPS as a ranking signal and we talk about what it means for your ranking in 2015. 

In short Google is saying you should have an SSL or secure socket layer on your site, and it will help give you an SEO boost, that is great because it gives you a security boost as well.

Too many times Security (the proverbial "redheaded step child") gets ignored due to the inconvenience of it. Finally getting some love from Google, I feel Special! :)


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