Handover to Felice – Kelvin Newman and Felice Ayling – Podcast Episode #240

This week’s podcast is a brief update about forthcoming changes to the show. Longstanding host and contributor Kelvin Newman, former Creative Director at SiteVisibility and now Managing Director of Rough Agenda, passes the reins onto Felice Ayling, Digital Content Director at SiteVisibility. Kelvin talks about his past and future endeavours, while Felice discusses what she has planned for the show.

The Lede: Hangout Hot Seat with Brian Clark

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How To Avoid And Recover From Manual And Algorithmic Google Penalty

Ahhh…Google penalty.
In hockey, a player can be penalized for a varying number of minutes depending on the penalty.  When a player is penalized and sits a while in the ol’ penalty box, the player comes back out on the ice rested and ready to pick up where he left off.
Like hockey, the degree of your overall penalty depends on the degree of your infraction;  however, the similarity ends there.
Unlike hockey, you will not come out of penalty well-rested and you will NOT pick up where you left off.

Choosing an SEO agency – Felice Ayling and Kelvin Newman – Podcast Episode #239

In this week’s internet marketing podcast Andy talks to Felice Ayling, Digital Content Director at SiteVisibility, and Kelvin Newman, Creative Director at SiteVisibility, about what is best for your company when looking to improve your SEO. They go through the various options available for solving an SEO problem, whether that should be done in house, through an agency or freelance. They then go through what constitutes a good SEO agency and give some advice about what you should be looking out for when making your decision.

Blogging Tips - #Seopodcast 225

Welcome to the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes, hosted by E-Webstyle! Join us this week as we talk about

Install Remarketing Scripts

Blogging Tips

Tips Against Aggressive Advertising


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