Q & A with Kelvin Newman and Felice Ayling – Podcast Episode #238

In this week’s internet marketing podcast Andy talks to Kelvin Newman, Creative Director at SiteVisibility, and Felice Ayling, Digital Content Director at SiteVisibility. They discuss the decline of Google Analytics and how Webmaster Tools can be used in its place, to a certain extent. They then talk about how Google reads ‘bounce’ rates and ‘return to search’, and how it understands what is good or bad quality content. Finally, they discuss Google+ and whether it is a beneficial platform to have a presence on.

How to Create Exquisite Subheads

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SEO Spring Cleaning Tips For You!

It’s time for some SEO spring cleaning!  SEO is constantly evolving and it’s important to take inventory of your SEO every year and look at areas that may need some sprucing up or all-out change.
On this week’s podcast Dave, Mark and Russ give you some examples of what you can do to clean up your SEO and keep it fresh, including:

Online Reputation Management – Felice Ayling – Podcast Episode #237

In this week’s internet marketing podcast Andy talks to Felice Ayling, Digital Content Account Director at SiteVisibility, and the topic for discussion is online reputation and its effect on a brand. They start by chatting about how to handle negative feedback and the importance of discerning a genuine complaint from a ‘troll’. Felice then goes through some notable examples of good and bad responses to negative criticism from large companies on social media. She explains how Google doesn’t understand sentiment and will rank a search highly regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

Preventing Costly Site Usability Mistakes - #sepodcast 223

Welcome to the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes, hosted by E-Webstyle! Join us this week as we talk about

Making Sure your Internet Marketing is Profitable

Preventing Costly Site Usability Mistakes

Content Sharing Strategies


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